We offer full service design, engineering and fabrication of metal, wood, plastic and composites as well as full installation of complex systems and structures. We cut our teeth in the oil and industrial ag industries of eastern Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska, erecting grain bins, conveyance systems, pipeline projects, and all manner of welding and fabrication projects. This page covers some of our services:

Small Part Assembly

We have extensive assembly experience and can mass produce assembled parts we build or procure for you. After we’ve cut your custom pieces to meet your exact specifications, we can assemble your finished products with speed and care..

On-site assembly

If your product is too big to deliver already assembled, we will bring the parts to you and assemble them with our vast range of cranes, fork lifts, welders and installers. We have decades of experience with large-scale installations on farm fields and oil fields.

Free Delivery

We offer delivery of your custom parts within 50 miles of Fort Morgan at no additional cost!